Fabric Modloader 1.17.1/1.16.5 (Enjoy Mods In The Latest Version)

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Visit Fabric Modloader 1.17.1/1.16.5 and you can enjoy your favorite mods available in the latest version for free! Experience the current mod/core library to learn much more!

Fabric Modloader

What is Fabric Modloader 1.17.1/1.16.5?

Fabric Modloader 1.17.1/1.16.5 helps mod developers port mods from one version to another in an easy way.

Specifically for new versions of the game as v1.14. Mods using Fabric as a library won’t have to utilize Forge Mod Loader. So, players can deploy mods in the recent versions even if Forge ModLoader is only for MC 1.14+.

Has a relationship with core mods

Core Mod is presently a trend because it can decrease resources loss and support multiple mods at a time. Therefore, most the skilled mod creators frequently switch to this solution to develop their creations.

As usual, these types of mods do not supplement any particular feature if you install them separately.

Meanwhile, there are many special features of Fabric. It’s essential to choose a new version of Installer of MultiMC Instance to locate it. Afterward, you still need to install Mod that uses Fabric with Fabric Library so you can explore the game.

Nowadays, the mod is still in progress alongside the newest edition of Minecraft.

Note! Fabric will require Launcher of Fabric and Minecraft version 1.14.

How to install

It is the best way to install Fabric Modloader 1.17.1/1.16.5. Try to follow until the end!


It is a modding alternate launcher for Minecraft. It should work with Fabric.

  • Download the Fabric MultiMC
  • Activate MultiMC. Hit “Add Instance” in the top-left. Click “Import from ZIP”. Paste the URL in the text field and set the name.
  • Select OK. Your Fabric instance is ready. You can freely add mods to it.

Regular client

  • Download the Fabric installer
  • Open it. From the window, please configure the mapping with the loader version and the install location! The default is fine on almost all platforms.
  • It’s necessary for you to start snapshots so that the installer can show mapping options for Minecraft snapshots.
  • Install. A new game version and profile will spawn in the launcher’s menu. It means that you can begin to launch Fabric.


  • Download the Fabric installer
  • In the installer, pick the Server Tab.
  • In the window, configure the mapping and loader version with the install location.
  • Remember to switch on snapshots to approach mapping options for Minecraft snapshots!
  • Install!
  • In the output directory, a fabric-server-launch.jar will appear. It will be a server.jar that is the vanilla server JAR. You can search for it on version announcement blog posts of Mojang. Nevertheless, it will create a properties file on the first launch as well. In which, you can reset the path.

Note! If you’re upgrading your present server, you ought to clear the  .fabric folder if the installer didn’t solve that for you. Otherwise, you will face classloading errors.

Fabric Modloader for MultiMC

Fabric API

Fabric Installer (for every version of MC Launcher)

The Windows .EXE may display a SmartScreen warning message about an “Unknown publisher”! Unluckily, we can’t carry out anything about this problem. If it’s inconvenient, you can control the .JAR or MultiMC method to install. Most mods will require Fabric API into the mods folder!

Come to Fabric Modloader 1.17.1/1.16.5, it’s fast to enjoy the mods you love in the latest version!

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