Extra Utilities [Forge] Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2

Extra Utilities [Forge] Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2 is a mod by rwtema that supplements a load of random items and blocks. They are capable of facilitating and improving your gaming experience.

Extra Utilities
Extra Utilities

Goals of Extra Utilities Mod

Random items and blocks that it adds comprise:

  • low-lag pumps and quarries
  • power/fluid/item transport pipes
  • automation
  • item and fluid storage
  • decoration
  • mob traps and farming
  • building

Offers alternative Redstone Flux (RF) generators

They can consume fuel from normal coal and charcoal to food, Nether Stars, or even dyes.

Assists players in peace

It provides that by adding to the game a peaceful mode-only Nether Star crafting recipe.

Lets you compress

You can do that for cobblestone, sand, gravel, and dirt.

It’s possible to compress Cobblestone 8 times into Octuple Compressed Cobblestone. The result can fend off the Wither’s explosive attacks.

Additionally, you can compress Dirt up to 4 times while Sand and Gravel are 2 times.

Grants more effective ways to perform tasks

Extra Utilities unleashes low-lag alternatives to the Quarry and Pump with the Ender Quarry and Ender-Thermic Pump.

Besides, there is a low-lag fast Cobblestone Generator replacement in the form of a Transfer Node. It goes with a World Interaction Upgrade.

Starts a new dimension

It is The Deep Dark. It’s a design for mining with vanilla ores appearing at 2x rates.

Remember to bring Magnum Torches or Chandeliers! Otherwise, the mob can grab you! These creatures spawn at every light level and stay in the darkness. They will damage you.


The owner discontinued Extra Utilities. Extra Utilities 2 made it succeed. The rwtema author rewrites the current mod entirely with blocks and items. He introduces, removes, or functionally alters them.


These are the main features of Extra Utilities in detail.


Golden Bag of Holding – a chest with double size. It’s equivalent in value to portable inventory

Golden Lasso – catch passive mobs for relocating in a comfortable way

Paint Brush – paint Colored Bricks and Colored Oak Wood Planks

Division Sigil – implement ancient rituals

Unstable Ingot – a dangerous item

Etheric Sword – bypass every armor

Destruction Pickaxe – works 5x faster than a Diamond Pickaxe breaking stone (no drop). But, it’s not helpful to destroy other blocks.

Erosion Shovel – get rid of sand and gravel that is above the block being dug (doesn’t drop resources)

Healing Axe – restore hunger but give health to hit a target; change zombie villagers back into villagers

Reversing Hoe – reverse the stages of wheat; transform dirt into grass and cobblestone into stone

Builder’s Wand – a quicker method to build structures

Sonar Goggles – outline ores within 5m

Watering Can – early-game alternative to Bone Meal, with unlimited use directly on crops.


It’s the second part of features in Extra Utilities.

Angle Block – a floating block that can locate in mid-air

Blackout Curtains – maintain the light out of certain areas

Block Update Detector – monitor block updates next to it

Chandelier – a light source that can hang from the ceiling. It can prevent mobs from spawning within the region of effect.

Colored Bricks – brick painted with one of 16 color dyes

Wood Planks – wood planks painted with one color dye

Compressed Cobblestone – store easier

Conveyor Belt – a manner to move items with mobs

Cursed Earth – mobs will pop up at a much faster rate on that block

Ender-Thermic Pump – a productive Lava pump

Ender Quarry – a good resource mining machine

Ethereal Glass – players can roam through, mobs cannot walk through it

Filter Pipe – filer everything that moves through

Generators – manufacture Redstone Flux from numerous materials, protect their charge when removed

Culinary Generator – consume food as fuel, with high filling food offering more power and high saturation food lasting longer

Ender Generator (Extra Utilities) – take Ender Pearls as fuel

Furnace Generator – ingest standard furnace fuel

Heated Redstone Generator – consume Redstone and Lava

High-temperature Furnace Generator – utilize standard furnace fuel, growing its energy output gradually when it heats up

Lava Generator – a device of Extra Utilities that chooses Lava as fuel

Nether Star Generator – rapidly consume Nether Stars to create a huge amount of energy, inflict damage to nearby entities

Pink Generator – select pink items as fuel

Potions Generator – consume potions, with more complex potions manufacturing more energy

Solar Generator – make energy when it interacts with sunlight, charge in daytime, produce at night (default)

Survivalist Generator – burn standard furnace fuel, cheap and valuable, but can’t produce energy swiftly

TNT Generator – apply Gunpowder or TNT as fuel, damage nearby entities

Lapis Caelestis – a costly block with only one color texture without borders

Magnum Torch – disable mob spawning within a large radius of effect

Peaceful Table – for peaceful mode Players to gain mob drops

Rain Muffler – silence rain drop sound effects within the zone of effect

Redstone Clock – shape a Redstone pulse

Sound Muffler – lessen sounds within a small area of effect

Sorting Pipe – throw items into an adjacent inventory if it’s empty or the same type present

Spikes – very big pointy spikes that can cause damage

Trading Post – show the trading GUI of any villagers within reach

Transfer Node – transfer items, liquids, energy

Trash Can – clear items that you inserted

Filing Cabinet – store 270 items with the same ID

Filing Cabinet (Advanced) – save 540 items that don’t stack but own the same ID

Extra Utilities is a technology mod that contains a lot of stuff to improve your life.



How to install Extra Utilities Mod

Step 1: You must already install Minecraft Forge.

Step 2: Open Run from the Start menu on Windows and type %appdata%, click Run.

Step 3: Copy Extra Utilities Mod you have just downloaded and past into the Mods folder.

Step 4: Open your Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the Extra Utilities Mod is installed.

Extra Utilities Mod Download Links

Minecraft Mod 1.12.2
Minecraft Mod 1.11.2
Minecraft Mod 1.10.2
Minecraft Mod 1.9.4
Minecraft Mod 1.8.9
Minecraft Mod 1.7.10

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