Astral Sorcery [Forge] Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2/1.12.2

Astral Sorcery [Forge] Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2/1.12.2 will provide the night sky that helps you harness the power of the Constellations. You should not miss this magic mod in the future.

Astral Sorcery
Astral Sorcery

About Astral Sorcery mod

In fact, this mod will bring us into a world where magic is always present. It is about the power of stars and constellations that can improve the character’s skills and the world. So you have more interesting things to discover in this mod.

It allows you to create a variety of structures to utilize and direct this starlight. You can complete unique magic mechanics with interesting logic ideas and interactive 3D models.

The special thing is that this mod has a lot of options when it comes to configuration. It guarantees you a fresh gaming experience and never bored when playing games.

How to use Astral Sorcery mod?

Here are some steps that help you to manipulate easily with Astral Sorcery mod:

  • Firstly, you need to prepare food, some armor, a crafting table, a sword, and a pickaxe.
  • You’ll need to scour the world and find as many temples and Constellation Papers as you can.
  • You will also have to dig around the bottom of the river as you will need some Aquamarine.
  • Place the crafting table near the Collector Crystal and craft the Resonant Wand.
  • Using diamond level pickaxe (mine obsidian) you will get about 1-3 Rock Crystals without any buff.
  • Return to the crafting table you set by the Collected Crystals and craft the Luminous Crafting Table
  • You must place the luminous crafting table somewhere overlooking the sky to work in order to receive Starlight
  • When you launch your world, you will appear with a Tome on your Hotbar
  • When you open your Tome, you will have a tab in the top right, “Knowledge”.
  • If you hover over the galaxy picture while the log is open, double-click  “Explore”, you will find a research tree.
  • If you sneak, + right-click while holding the Astral Tome, you’ll open up small storage space.

Download Astral Sorcery mod now to explore the interesting spells that it brings.



How to install Astral Sorcery Mod

Step 1: You must already install Minecraft Forge.

Step 2: Open Run from the Start menu on Windows and type %appdata%, click Run.

Step 3: Copy Astral Sorcery Mod you have just downloaded and past into the Mods folder.

Step 4: Open your Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the Astral Sorcery Mod is installed.

Astral Sorcery Mod Download Links

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